Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Online Shop and my Deadly Stilettos

 photo 579716_568577416487566_1038567157_n_zps77e1e982.jpg  photo 538198_568577076487600_224090648_n_zps58dd8db3.jpg  photo 526432_568577366487571_1066503021_n_zps551e66db.jpg  photo 487836_568577716487536_1774608802_n_zps6648d19d.jpg  photo 485327_568578386487469_1750407590_n_zpsae1d3214.jpg  photo 285364_568577559820885_1976568850_n_zps355004e4.jpg  photo 222764_568577063154268_654792765_n_zps5395d14a.jpg  photo 5527_568578313154143_1820519012_n_zpsacbb1060.jpg

Can you imagine my effort taking these pictures ALONE using tripod and self timer 'WITHOUT' using Remote Control??? Dahhhhh. OK pag naaalala ko natatawa talaga ko. AS IN!!! I set the timer then tooot tooot tooot toooot RUN!!!! Then POSE!!! Yes I run while wearing those stilettos. Hahahahah. And then toot toot tooot RUN! POSE! RUN! POSE! 
Im dead. waaaahhhh.!!!! nakakaloka!!  That's why Im very thankful to my Sister for purchasing RC-6 Canon Remote before she go to Dubai. THANK YOU THANK YOU. And I promise that from now on I will take care of it na.  Promise! 

BTW, Thank you followers for the SOLD OUT album. Yay!!!! 

That's all for today. Have a great day ahead gorjas!!!

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  1. i hear you on the self timer, lol! i need to fix my remote! such great prints here!

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